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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 3, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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watch the game. william says page 238 of my archaeology book. i don't think he was watching. >> miles, when it was over. miles is clearly from denver. >> exactly. thanks so much for watching today. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. here's gretchen. today on "the real story" a dangerous snowstorm hits a huge section of our country. so far, more than 1,000 flights already grounded. why was "the new york times" so quick to jump on claims that governor chris christie now about bridge gate? and new surveillance video shows where philip soeymour hoffman was just hours before he died. guess what? your portfolio may be taking a huge hit today. dow is dropping right now. you can see 270 points. we're watching it closely for
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you today. now, this is after the dow's weakest january in half a decade. investors looking at new data showing sluggish growth in the u.s. economy. there's also concern about slowing growth overseas, particularly in places like china. keep it right here on fox for continuing developments. well, hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to a monday edition of "the real story." new developments in the chris christie bridge lane closure saga. 20 officials and organizations close to the new jersey governor and his staff granted an extension now for turning over all documentsli linked to that case. the original deadline was set for today. meanwhile, the lawyer for a former port authority official says christie knew what was going on when the lanes were shut down. well, that prompted "the new york times" to write this headline. christie knew about bridge lane closings, port authority official says. and write, quote, that the governor knew about the lane closings when they were happening and that he had the evidence to prove it.
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we well, it turns out "the times" changed that story 20 minutes later to say this. that evidence exists the governor knew about the lane closings when they were happening. a far cry from christie emphatically knew. joining me now, guy benson, fox news contributor. oh, guy. isn't there a way in which words can certainly change a story? >> yes, there are. and in this particular case, it was pretty shocking because i was sitting at my desk. it was friday afternoon, getting ready for super bowl weekend. then, boom, it hits twitter. christie knew. "the new york times" has a splashy bomb shell report. christie knew about the lane closures, contradicting what he said frankly, it went through my mind, here it is. he's done. then when i started reading the actual story and the letter they linked to from this attorney, the language was really parsed and tortured. it didn't seem to match be what
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"the new york times" headline and lead had been. lo and behold, they changed what they wrote and did not issue a correction. it had no acknowledgment in print of their alterations. and there's a media reporter at "the huffington post" who contacted "the new york times," and they gave him an extraordinary quote and response. they said, yes, we've changed the story dozens of times, and we might make dozens of additional changes in the future. i'm like, well, that's not how it works. unless i missed, like, a month of journalism school, which i don't think i did, that's not really how reporting works. >> because how many people heard that headline? i was like you. i was still in my office. i said, oh, my gosh, yeah, this is the end. here's the thing, though. this wildstein, this gentleman who wanted immunity and apparently claims that evidence exists that governor chris tooes knew, well, it doesn't ever say that wildstein possesses that proof. it just says that it exists somewhere in the universe, and by the way, according to him.
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correct? >> well, right. that's the thing. the way it was originally written and reported was this guy, wildstein, has evidence proving that christie knew. that was the gist of it. and when you read the actual wording of this letter from his attorney, it says, evidence exists tying christie to knowledge. that's weird. that's not how people really talk. now, there's a significant development an update on this. because that was on friday. by sunday, "meet the press," one of the top democrats investigating this in new jersey was on. the host, david gregory, said, well, hang on. you guys have subpoenaed mr. wildstein, right? what has he provided you? the answer was, well, he's given up 900 pages worth of documents. gregory said, all right, among these documents, is there corroboration of this new claim tying this to christie? the democrat, again, not a
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christie fan, said, no. >> exactly. >> so that's a big credibility issue. >> we're going to have to see how this flushes out. it was incredibly interesting starting on friday. now to obamacare. there is yet another problem with records showing the website has not been able to handle fixing errors 22,000 people faced while enrolling. now we only have six weeks left and we have this new company that came in to fix the site so it can handle all of these cases. so apparently you're supposed to be able to do it by computer, phone, or mail if you have an error. the only way right now you can do it is through snail mail. >> yes. so cgi is out. accenture is in. they're trying to play catch-up here. for the people whose applications and their enrollments got screwed up because of issues and problems, as of now it sounds like there's about 22,000 of those. they're supposed to be able to
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go to to fix the problems caused. shock of all shocks, is unable to do that. instead, a week's long process with snail mail, people being overcharged, errors in their enrollment data, and not only that, "the washington post" story, gretchen, said they haven't even come up with the plan, the process for dealing with this let alone implemented it online. >> and six weeks and counting. so much breaking information. thanks so much, guy. see you soon. >> sounds good. thanks. in the meantime, new developments on the president's executive powers with the spotlight now on a regulatory reform executive order. this is from three years ago, which was supposed to reduce costs and burdens. but it actually did just the opposite. new analysis showing it generated 1.5 billion hours of paperwork and a whopping $10 billion in new net costs. all this as lawmakers don't raise questions about just the number of executive orders coming from president obama. >> we have an increasingly lawless presidency where he is actually doing the job of
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congress, writing new policies and new laws without going through congress. presidents don't write laws. congress does. executive orders are one thing. but executive orders that change the statute, that's totally different. >> shannon is live for us in washington. what can you tell us about this order that was supposed to rein in federal regulations? >> reporter: it was designed to cut federal regulations by scaling back anything that was redundant or unnecessary. it was signed by the president back in 2011. the order itself says that federal agencies are only toll propose or adopt regulations upon a, quote, reasoned determination that its benefits justify if i its costs. also, the regulations must be tailored to, quote, impose the least burden on society. since the president signed that order, the government shows that more than 8,500 new regulations have gone on to the books. the american action forum found that came at a net cost of more than $10 billion.
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>> regulations operate as sort of hidden taxes. they operate with little oversight from congress. congress can hold hearings on new regulations, but when the president holds the power of the pen, congress can rarely ever rescind regulations. so this is the president's year of action. there's very little that congress can do to check this year of action. it's only left to the courts. >> and by the way, gretchen, courts have struck down about 15 notable restrictions and regulations in recent years. >> so wasn't there some kind of accountability built into the executive order? >> there was, but there wasn't any real enforcement mechanism put into place along with that accountability. here's what happened. not long after that original order was signed by the president, agencies would have to report on their progress with reining in regulations twice a year, january and july. well, there apparently have been no reports from any of the agencies since 2012. just minutes ago, our own
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weste wendell goaler asked jay carney about this. he said they've seen great regulatory reform that he says reduced costs can. >> all right, shannon. thanks so much. now to our nation's capital where the debt ceiling deadline, guess what, it's looming again. now word some lawmakers may be trying to tie the battle over the spending limit to legislation on the keystone pipeline and even an adjustment to obamacare, which could set the stage for yet another showdown. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. any idea what republicans will try to get out of extending this debt limit? >> reporter: well, gretchen, lawmakers say they're looking for consensus in terms of republicans trying to come together on one agreement. one you mentioned was the idea of making sure there's no taxpayer-funded bailouts for obamacare. another idea is pushing the administration to build the keystone xl pipeline as part of
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this debt ceiling deal. bottom line, the house budget chairman says something should be attached to extend the nation's borrowing authority. >> usually, whoever a president is, whoever is running congress, there is policy attached to the debt limit. that's not a new idea. what we don't like is this idea of continually rubber stamping debt limit increases without acknowledging the problem that got us into debt in the first place. >> reporter: the house gop leadership should have a better sense of whether there is consensus on moving forward when they meet with their rank and file members tomorrow morning. >> okay. so meantime, mike, the administration keeps pushing for congress to address this sooner rather than later, right? >> reporter: well, absolutely right. they're saying, you know, this is the only thing that could derail the economy from moving forward. there are signs of progress from the economy. they say it should be a big year for the economy. but this could possibly mess it up. so the pressure ri secretary is saying get it done. >> the bottom line is time is short.
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congress needs to act to extend the borrowing authority for our nation, and it needs to act now. it's important to remember that increasing the debt limit is congress' responsibility and congress' alone. >> they want an extension, and they don't want to negotiate. that, of course, is not popular with the republicans leading the house of representatives. gretchen? >> here we go again. all right, mike. thanks so much. >> thank you. bill o'reilly taking the president to task over obamacare. >> was it the biggest mistake of your presidency to tell the nation over and over if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance? >> bill, you've got a long list of my mistakes. >> no, really. >> well, the one-on-one got heated over the deadly benghazi attacks too t and whether the irs deliberately targeted tea party groups. and police are looking for surveillance video from a cash machine that philip seymour hoffman reportedly used just hours before he died. what could it tell them about his final hours? and you just knew that tsa
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workers were gawking over our naked bodies when we went through those scanner machines at the airport, right? a former tsa worker now claims tsa workers acted like teenagers. now one op-ed is calling for the tsa to be abolished. straight talk coming up. ♪ wow...look at you.
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caught on tape, a mother armed with a homemade weapon. watch what happens here. she confronts a prowler. watch as she wrestles with him as he tries to get into her car. all this caught on home surveillance video. >> he jumped into his car right here, and i jumped right in there with him, right on top of him. we wrestled until i got the keys. when i confronted him about it, he told me he had left his cell
11:16 am
phone battery in my yard. >> yeah, right. police arrested the guy a short time lat. the man had reportedly been lurking that neighborhood for days, even sleeping in the woman's backyard the night before. well, shocking new details coming out about alleged shenanigans going on at the tsa. should we all be laughing at depictions of tsa workers acting like teens looking at naked bodies or be incredibly concerned for our own personal privacy, not to mention airline safety? joining me now is charles hoskinson. great to see you. >> good afternoon, gretchen. thanks for having me. >> i know you're one writer, at least, who's calling for changes within the tsa. you ask if we should actually abolish the agency, correct? >> yes. i mean, when i wrote that op-ed,
11:17 am
it struck a nerve. there seems to be a deep well of disgust among -- in the public with the tsa and a sense that it just isn't working. quite frankly, i haven't seen any evidence that it is. >> well, now we're getting evidence, at least from this one former worker there, that, you know, what we always thought, that they were looking at our naked bodies when we went through those scanners. people at the time were like, oh, come on, it's all for the benefit of the public. we want to be safe. but they were actually going in the break rooms, allegedly, and laughing at us. >> well, this article confirms what a lot of people have said over the past 12 years and what a lot of other people have experienced. i've heard quite a few horror stories about the tsa from people reacting to my op-ed. it's not really news. it's just a sense that -- i mean, when i read the article, i got the sense that they were acting like a bunch of teenagers.
11:18 am
>> but it is news, charles, for this exact reason. on top of them making fun of us and looking at us nude, okay, some people might say, so what? but this officer is actually saying that the security is not working. here's a quote. he says this. one of the officers in our class asked him to tell us off the record what he really thought about the machines. we wouldn't be able to distinguish plastic explosives from body fat and that guns were practically invisible if they were turned sideways in a pocket. so this is news, charles, because apparently we're standing in really long lines, and these machines don't even really protect us. >> exactly, gretchen. that's the real news. it isn't working. i mean, the tsa has been -- people have referred to it as security theater. i think that's a good way to refer to it. we've had two major incidents in the past 12 years that were both that the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber, both of these
11:19 am
were stopped by the passengers on the plane. these were people who were flying into the united states, terrorists who were flying into the united states. there were warning signs in both cases, and it was not the tsa that stopped them. it was the passengers who stopped them. and there was a failure of intelligence to pick up on the warning signs to prevent them from getting on those planes in the first place. >> well, i think americans deserve an answer, not only about the agents potentially looking at our naked bodies but about the safety and the cost, the immense costs of this program. could we be doing it better? you seem to think the answer is yes. charles, thanks for your time today. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, a controversial show about kids playing football. now two coaches are suspended after this new tv series shows them purposely telling their 8 and 9-year-old kids to hurt their opponents. that outrageous story coming up next. and former secretary of
11:20 am
state hillary clinton lightened up twitter verse last night. it's so much more fun to watch fox when it's someone else being blitzed and sacked. so we want to hear from you. who do you think hillary clinton was talking about in her super bowl tweet? the broncos or president obama? tweet me @gretchencarlson and use #therealstory. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. by the way, i love this music. good choice.
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fox news alert for you now. the nfl and new jersey officials it reviewing massive train dras after last night's big game. this was called the first mass transit super bowl. but now reports of trains sitting at the station not even
11:24 am
leaving after the game while crowds waited in the station trying to get out of there. more than 50 buses had to be brought in to help relieve all of congestion. earlier in the day, some people were injured after overcrowding at one station. controversy for the new reality show "friday night tykes." two coaches have now been suspended for violating the league's code of conduct. the show follows five youth football teams in texas. it's drawn criticism from groups, including the nfl, about violent play and even the kids' safety. these coaches have been suspended, i guess, because this was all playing out on reality tv, right? everyone could see it. >> sure, yeah. and it's not even halfway through the first season yet, gretchen. already there's been criticism from the nfl as well as medical groups saying these kids are just playing too rough. it's too violent, right? the texas youth football association, which squloefr sees this league, had said that it would wait until the entire season had aired before they took any action.
11:25 am
but seems like this one changed the league's view point. watch. >> if that kid comes across, i want you to put it in his helmet. do you understand? i don't care if you don't get up. let's go. >> i want him on the floor. du do you understand me? >> yes, sir. >> that coach is the one who was suspended for an entire year. he has since apologized, saying, and i'm quoting here, it was a heat of the moment thing, and i wasn't being literal, but it was still wrong. i went from being a guy who was looked up to in the community and now i'm getting death threats. another coach was suspended for six games for encouraging the kids to use profanity during one of their chant. >> but you can see why the nfl would be against this. they're dealing with their own issues with regard to helmet-to-helmet contact and concussions. but a lot of people are watching this show, right? >> it's the highest rated show on the esquire network. some 428,000 people watched the
11:26 am
last episode. as you said, if you haven't seen it, they follow these five texas youth football teams. they're 8, 9 years old. this thing goes for ten episodes. we've seen kids vomiting, swearing, encouraging injuries. the coaches say the tv show does not show a lot of the good things that are being done, but the league is apparently getting fed up, issuing a statement saying, quote, the show has given us sbha of a black eye. if they talk to us about another season, aisi'll have a lot of reservations. that's from the president of the league. friday night tykes still have six more episodes to go this season. gretchen? >> wow. let's see what happens in the next one or two or three or six. thanks so much. >> you're welcome. winter wallop. snowstorms, here we go again. set to slam more than half the country. check out the roads. this is arkansas. this is just the beginning of the snow forecasters expect.
11:27 am
so where is this big one headed next? and breakthrough in the hunt for a quadruple murderer as his hostage escaped at a gas station. what she is telling police that is helping to track him down. right back.
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11:30 am
fox news alert for you now on a convicted murderer who escaped from a michigan prison. this happened last night. police say michael david elliott abducted a woman. she was able to escape, though.
11:31 am
indiana police say they've now found the jeep that was hijacked by elliott, but still no sign of him. he was last seen wearing a white turtleneck and jacket. they're now looking at schools where they say that car was found. people in that indiana area and surrounding areas also being told to lock their doors, stay inside and only answer your door for law enforcement. if the meantime, lawyers for amanda knox and her former boyfriend are now threatening legal action against the judge who presided over last week's guilty verdict in the slaying of knox's roommate. that's after the judge spoke about the case to an italian newspaper. defense attorneys say the comments show prejudice. and a japanese whaling ship collides with an anti-whaling boat. both are blaming each other for that crash. triple threat of snowstorms slamming across a lot of the united states today. the snow already forcing the cancellation of about 1500
11:32 am
flights nationwide. schools closed in states in the northeast, mid-atlantic. up to 8 inches of white stuff expected to blanket those areas, creating slick conditions on the roadways. meteorologist janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center. i heard you earlier say you might have to break out your sleeping bag. for which night would that be? >> well, let's see. tomorrow night we could have a big storm hitting the northeast. certainly across the central plains. then another one this weekend, gretchen. that one could pack a punch. we're several days out from that weekend storm. of course, we're going to track it. so far, february, man, it is turning out to be a snowy one a stormy one. look at all of the radar that we're seeing. light snow continues in philadelphia, mainly a rain event for d.c. and new york. you're still in on the snow. central park, over 6 inches of snow. we're getting reports of 8 and 9 inches across new jersey and pennsylvania. of course, the airport delays, i can't believe we got the game in yesterday. but people are trying to head out, right. and we're dealing with, in some
11:33 am
cases, two to four-hour delays across the northeast airports. watching this storm eventually exit into the overnight, we'll have like a day to dry out. then this next storm system moves through. its origin is from the southwest moving through the central u.s. we could see this icy mix here along the ohio river valley and then mainly a rain event along the central and southern portions of the mississippi river valley. but some of these areas, gretchen, could get easily 12 inches. this is the storm that's going to make its way tomorrow night into wednesday for the northeast. so, yes, we will be busy, very busy in the fox news weather desk. >> are you going to do that face again with your big hood outside? >> tomorrow it might be too warm. we might get rain along the coast. >> okay. >> so i will do a selfie with a huge umbrella, if that's the case. but again, it's going to be timing. we're going to see what the temperature is exactly, but i think along the coast it's going to be a rain, freezing rain event, which could be more dangerous in a lot of ways. >> no doubt.
11:34 am
we were just seeing a live shot of times square. >> can you believe we got the game in yesterday? >> trust me, that was fantastic. but i'm with all those people trying to get out of town now. all right. see you soon. >> you got it. >> thanks. hillary clinton all abuzz today for a super bowl tweet sent from her account during the game. the former secretary of state tweeting, it's so much more fun to watch fox when it's someone else being blitzed and sacked. #superbowl. so what exactly did the possible presidential contender actually mean? julie, obviously hillary clinton was taking a swipe at fox, okay. duh. but let's move on. who was she actually talking about? because nobody's writing about that today. >> which anchor was she talking about? >> who was she talking about when she said it's finally nice to see somebody else being
11:35 am
blitzed on fox. >> i see what she was talking about. colorado, wasn't he? >> oh, you think they was talking about the broncos? >> i think she was talking about the broncos, who were blitzed, sacked, you know, eradicate d ad embarrassed. sorry to all my denver friends. i assume she was talking about that. by the time she tweeted that out, the game was looking bad. >> it was 8:44 eastern time. it was after halftime. >> it was looking dismal. i had the sneaking suspicion maybe she was talking about president obama. >> i want to applaud my democrat friend for trying to get this off of the president. it was absolutely president obama because she's thinking she's getting destroyed all the time about benghazi. this time he's on the hot seat. she's thinking, hey. she's sitting back watching the game saying at least it's not me. she can laugh now. it may have been clever. but later, he's going to be on the hot seat again. >> hopefully bill o'reilly will be interviewing president clinton --
11:36 am
>> not president clinton. candidate clinton. >> both president clinton and hillary clinton admitted that fox was the nicest to her during the 2008 campaign. if it was a swipe, that's interesting. and you don't even think it was at president obama. >> you know why? it's not like president obama gets a free pass on fox news as opposed to hillary clinton. president obama gets the share of swipes and tackles. >> why didn't she say the broncos then? >> it was totally president obama, of course. >> i'm sure she'll clarify to somebody else. >> i'm pretty sure she'll say it was the broncos. >> it's the only network, really, that's talking about benghazi. she doesn't like it because it's a problem for her. it's her biggest problem. >> also in this interview that bill o'reilly did, president obama touched on the irs targeting scandal. while admitting that people at the tax agency made mistakes, he vowed there wasn't a smidgen of corruption. >> so you're saying --
11:37 am
>> if -- >> no corruption there at all? >> that's not what i'm saying. >> you're the leader of the country. >> absolutely. >> you're saying no corruption? >> no. >> none? >> there were some bone head decisions -- >> bone head decisions but no mass corruption? >> not even mass corruption. not even a smidgen of corruption. >> not a smidgen, julie? >> corruption to me is, i'm going to give you cash and you're going to do something illegal in exchange for it. i don't know -- >> okay, targeting? >> that's a different story. was there targeting? yes. was there targeting of conservative groups? yes. that's a story that's not talked about as much. but there was targeting on both sides. maybe disproportionate but nevertheless on both sides. the problem with what's being alleged is there was a corrupt practice of somebody trying to do something in exchange for a gain. i don't believe that. i actually am one of those people that thinks these groups, the irs should investigate all of them, republican and democrat. they're political organizations mass parading as a charity.
11:38 am
>> that's a different issue. maybe that should be debated, but did you like the answer that the president gave to bill o'reilly? >> for one, bill o'reilly did a great job. he put obama in the naughty chair. he was very, very nervous. this is the most nervous i've ever seen the president, and bill o'reilly did it. here's the problem. talk about an abuse of power. look how chris christie is getting killed about this possible abuse of power. we don't even know if that's the case. the president is just laughing about it. the irs is way worse than anything about a couple lanes being closed from ft. lee. >> boneheaded decision. i paid attention when he said boneheaded. >> it's more serious than. >> all right. thanks so much for your time. time to check in with shepherd smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> you mentioned the nationwide alert for a killer who somehow escaped from a maximum security prison. coming up, we'll update you on the latest sighting and hear how one woman's quick thinking helped her to escape this guy. also, a former top fbi official who's seen this man's bloody rap
11:39 am
sheet. he says this four-time killer will not go down without a fight. lots of news breaking. we'll have it to you from a snowy new york city. >> thanks, shep. on this day after the big game, we want to take a look at the winners and the losers when it comes to the ads. maybe you were paying more attention to them an the game. which one scored a touchdown? which one fumbled? our panel is going to weigh in. plus, the new difference between men and women, and it involves what happens when they snooze. we've got the low down. why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside?
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it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and 5 essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. try sunsweet's amazing juices and new amazing prune light.
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time to see what america is clicking on today. volcano, check this out. ecuador erupting not once, not
11:43 am
twice, but three times over the weekend, sending huge clouds of ash and smoke into the sky. unbeaten world boxing champ floyd mayweather is now letting the public decide who he should fight next. the choices are amir khan and marcos nadana. but mayweather would likely be the favorite to win no matter what. and chock up another difference between men and women. new studies find they have different bad dreams. men tend to be more scared by disasters. super bowl, not only about football, it's also of course about the ads. >> i reich this little guy. >> i love this one. >> you know, you could always compromise and breed them together. doberuaua. know what i mean? >> all right. this one was so quirky, it had to be my personal favorite. joining us now with their take,
11:44 am
shawn perez and charles payne. great to see you, gentlemen. all right. so shawn, i understand you like that audi ad as well. >> absolutely. >> some people were freaked out by it. what did you like about it? >> first and foremost, it was funny. you know, i really enjoyed it. i thought that having sarah mclaughlin in it was the icing on the cake, especially considering she does the psas for aspca. i thought that was really, really funny. >> i thought it was a a cute element, but it reminded me of a vision of the body snatcher. one of the pods gone wild. kids are going to have nightmares over that thing. >> my kids were cracking up. you paid attention to it because you couldn't figure out how that head could be that big and that body could be that small. >> the only problem with that commercial is i remember more about doberuaua than who the commercial was for. >> very true.
11:45 am
audi is like an afterthought. charles, you liked the one -- and i tweeted about this when it was happening. the budweiser puppy. let's watch it. ♪ what's not to love about that adorable dog and the horse? >> yeah, i mean, listen -- by the way, the clydesdales were out here friday. the only problem was everybody was waiting for it. they were waiting and waiting. >> didn't they do a patriotic ad? i loved that one. >> by the way, the soldier was at the game. it worked out very well. >> it was really good. >> let's talk about the j. j.c. penney twitter situation. this is like a stunt. well, they've had this clever idea to promote the fact that
11:46 am
they sell mittens, right? the only problem was, many viewers didn't know the company seemed to think somebody was drunk tweeting with this. look at what happened. all these misspellings on the screen. the sentences didn't really make sense. was this a good way to do it from an advertising point of view? >> yes and no. reason being, i'm not too sure that the brands truly understand how social media works. last year when the lights went out with the blackout, you know, oreo took advantage of that. in realtime, that's when things are really funny and impactful. this was kind of a preplanned stunt, but you really didn't know it until the other brands kind of jumped in on the gag. so it's like, who are you really pushing this to? is it to the other brands, or is it to your consumers? >> i thought it matched the stock. i happen to own some as well.
11:47 am
just go back and tell people you aren't what you used to be and rebrand yourself to your old loyal customers. >> obviously that was a huge attempt to try to get young people to go. >> as a point, normally if they tweet, they would get on average 22 retweets. this particular set of tweets got 40,000. >> okay. so it did work. now, tax season. everyone hates it. coming up in april. there was an ad. did you like it or not? >> this ad so was cool until the end when i found out who it was for, right. this guy goes to the prom. he's with his girlfriend. she dances with this other dude. you have all the moves. i loved it. you know what it reminded me of? i saw this trailer for a movie one time. everyone was afraid, then everyone cracked up. it's like -- it didn't go with the company, but it was a great ad. >> you loved the ad until you
11:48 am
found out it was turbo tax. >> it was, like, weird. it got a little weird. >> then it was a buzz kill. >> it was like, okay. i didn't make that connection, but i loved the commercial itself. very creative. >> finally, before i go, did advertisers blow a whole burch of money because people maybe stopped watching the game because it was a blowout. >> absolutely. that's the chance you take. and i also think advertisers need to get a little more creative next year. a lot of the commercials kind of fell flat. >> a lot of people on twitter were saying they didn't think it was one of the best years so far. all right. shawn and chuck, great to see you both. >> thank you so much. >> philip seymour hoffman from -- dead from an apparent overdose. and driverless cars could be the next big thing to keep our troops safe. isn't moving the nation toward an automated and unmanned military? great question. right back. let's say you pay your guy arnd 2 percent
11:49 am
to manage your money. that's not much, you think except it's 2 peent every year. go to e*trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert. it's low. it's guidance on your terms not ours. e*trade. less for us, more for you.
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fox news alert. hackers now targeting a hotel operator that manages some major chains, hilton, mariott,ñi and sheraton. the company, white lodging, says it's investigating a new data breach but went reveal the number of customers affected. white lodging manages 168 hotels in 21 states. the latest attack by hackers, this is target officials now set to testify on capitol hill about that huge breach. in the meantime, new tech technology will keep our troops safe. army convoys will be able to drive themselves. the technology was demonstrated at 0 fort hood. the vehicles navigating around
11:53 am
pedestrian and traffic without any assistance. a u.s. convoy in afghanistan was targeugd. thankfully nobody died. >> we are now waiting results of an autopsy on the body of actor philip seymour hoffman, found dead of an apparent drugñr overdose in his newçó york city apartment, and now officers are searching for surveillance video that may show hoffman hours before he died. julie, we understand you have new information on this investigation-r >> a lot of new and disturbing information. foxnews.comphone firming that his death is being ruled accidental. we're waiting for the medical examiner forñi the official release. we're getting more information from supports i've spokenññi to today regarding the evidence at the scene that does support a drug overdose, including what are called glassines, from 50 to 70 glassines were reportedly found at the scene.
11:54 am
these areñi pieces of plastic tt contain heroin. some filled, some unfilled, and there were other prescription medications discovered inside his two-bedroom apartment. and you can see on the doorstep people haveñr been leaving cands and flowers and paying respect and a vigil outside his front doorstep. also learning that by his body were several used and unusedñr hypodermic needles. multiple prescription drugs including antibiotic anxiety, muscle relaxants and blood pressure meds. anñi autopsy is being performed today. he is known to have battle with an addiction since a teenage but last year he checked into rehab for heroin abuse. his suspected cause of death.ñr a he had the reputation, leaving
11:55 am
among the men celebrities to express their sympathy. -deniro who said i've very saddened be the passage of phil. he was a wonderful actor, this just shouldn't be. julian moore said i feel so fortunate to have known and worked with the extraordinary philipñi seymour hoffman, and hs family saying we're devastated be the loss of our beloved phil, and in this apartment he rented for $10,000 a month he had moved out of the home in which he shared with his 15 year partner after they separated in october. they both had three children together, three young children, who now have to be told the worst story a mother would ever theiro shareçó children. >> so we talked about earlier there's this surveillance videotape. police have it in their hands. what do they hope to see from
11:56 am
it? >> well, learned that essentially they are searching searching for surveillance video. on it is believed to be hoffman purchasing drugs after being seen by a local surveillance camera located at an atm machine after he withdrew a large amount of cash. he is seen with two other men. waiting to hear more about the video. >> thank you so much. more with "the real story" when we return.ñi [ sneezes, coughs ]
11:57 am
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story."lways love to hear from so we asked ifçó republicans should back chris christie in a run for the white house despite the bridge controversy. jim tweeted, as len as he is telling the truth, he should be okay. david said, tough call. don't want to be appear to be kicking him when he is down.çó
12:00 pm
your favorite super bowl commercial? puppy love withoutñi a doubt. stone cold chickñi said, i don't watch football but those commercials were all sad and made no sense. thank you for sharing. i'm gretc&m'. here's shep. >> thanks. it's aok deadline day in the new jersey traffic tieup bridgegate investigation. we're waiting for some key players to turn over documents that could determine the a5jááqvrj political future. we're having a blood bath on wall street. the worst day of the year. dow within a fit of twoñi perce. that puts us down seven percent since the turn of the year. it's been awful. the reasons and what we're expecting to happen in the last hour of the day so let's get to it.ñiçó >> super bowl monday. fox


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